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What Is Sermorelin Used For?

It’s no surprise that the human body changes over time, with the effects most felt as we reach an advanced age. Minor aches and pains inevitably come with the passing of time. No matter how hard we try to stay young, our bodies change and the aging process occurs. Though science has yet to discover the fountain of youth, science has created supplements that help to replenish and restore hormones that the body is no longer producing adequately.

One such supplement, sermorelin, works by promoting the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HCG) from the pituitary gland. However, unlike HGH therapy, which directly replaces declining levels of HGH, sermorelin addresses the primary cause of decreased HGH production by naturally stimulating the pituitary gland.

What is Sermorelin Used For?
Besides the obvious advantage of stimulating the pituitary gland to help with your body’s natural HCG production, there are a number of benefits to adding sermorelin to your diet.

Improves muscle mass and reduces fat
Improves bone mineral density, lowering your risk of osteoporosis
Improves muscle mass and muscle strength
Prevents joint deterioration
Improves exercise performance
Improves heart health and body composition
Regulates immune function
Improves mood and increases energy

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