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Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

stethoscope on doctor’s notebookUnlike conventional hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy utilizes hormones that are biologically the same as those made by a woman’s ovaries during her reproductive years. These compounded bio-identical hormones are considered much safer than standard hormone replacement therapy, as the hormones used are much closer to the biological makeup of a woman’s body compared to those that are synthetically created or taken from animal hormones.

Is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy really safe? Though more research is still needed on the procedure, there are still plenty of advantages for women seeking out hormone replacement treatments. With bioidentical hormones, women can experience less bleeding and puffiness when receiving natural progesterone instead of the synthetic versions. It’s also much easier to measure blood serum levels when women’s bodies aren’t responding the way they should to the hormone.

By choosing bioidentical hormone therapy, you’ll receive all the same benefits as regular HRT, but the hormones you receive will be in a much closer state what your body has already once produced. For more information on if hormone replacement therapy is right for you, contact Global Life Rejuvenation today at (866) 793-9933. We’ll be able to connect you with qualified physicians to go over your symptoms and determine the best route for your treatment.