Inner Hormonal Balance is the Key to Unlock a Happier You.


As we age, changes occur that decrease and imbalance essential hormones. The symptoms of hormone deficiency and imbalance during menopause can include:

At Global Life Rejuvenation, we will help you rediscover the younger version of yourself. Think of us as your anti-aging concierge guiding and connecting you to the most qualified physician specialists near you. With our individual hormone replacement therapy treatment plans including supplements and nutrition, you’ll experience fewer menopausal symptoms, stop perimenopause & menopause depression, lose weight, and see an overall more youthful appearance. Contact us to meet a physician and get started today.

What Benefits Will You See With HRT?

The good news is that hormone deficiencies and imbalances are often correctable using hormone replacement therapy. Many menopausal women treated may not only experience relief from the distressing symptoms of hormone imbalance, but also appear to gain protection from other age-related maladies such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

Treatment with natural hormone replacement therapy can make you feel healthier, younger and more vibrant – a truer version of you.

Why Do Female Hormones Decline?

Estrogen is produced in a woman’s ovaries, and this production declines as menopause approaches. Estrogen production may also be completely cut off if a woman has had a hysterectomy. Estrogen replacement therapy is the medical administration of estrogen to return the body to normal levels when it is not being produced in sufficient quantity.

Scientifically Proven to Reverse Aging

Hormone replacement therapy for women provides relief from the unpleasant daily symptoms of menopause as well as the long-term health issues that many postmenopausal women face. According to a Journal of American Medicine report, estrogen replacement begun in the early stages of menopause and continued late into life is associated with protection of bone density, and is reported to improve some arthritic conditions.

At Global Life Rejuvenation, our female HRT clients see improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as reporting better memory and emotional states. In addition, it’s reported that cardiovascular disease is lessened in women use estrogen replacement therapies. Natural estrogen helps protect the heart, decrease the risk of stroke, and reduce hypertension.

Is HRT Right for Me?

At Global Life Rejuvenation, we believe that comprehensive testing, along with a careful physical examination, is the first step in detecting hormonal imbalances in women. We recognize that each patient is unique, and that it’s important to remember that levels of all major hormones vary widely between individuals. In short, we do not have a single threshold for treatment, we look at levels and analyze them on a case-by-case basis.

We encourage you to contact Global Life Rejuvenation to learn more about HRT for women, and how hormone replacement therapy can improve your life during and after menopause.

Is HRT Safe?

It’s important to remember that even though it’s called hormone replacement therapy, we never replace someone’s hormone level to what they had when they were younger. Our process is to give a very small amount of hormones to alleviate symptoms and make people feel better.

HRT for women is completely safe if taken for the right reasons and under the guidance of a regular practitioner. You may have heard of archaic studies saying that HRT increased the risk of heart disease, cancer, or other maladies. These studies were mishandled and were proven false and in many cases, HRT improved cardiovascular health. Global Life Rejuvenation doesn’t want anyone to suffer from unnecessary symptoms of aging when there’s a much better option available.