What is Estrogen Dominance and how are You Unknowingly Causing it?

birth control pillsEstrogen Dominance is a condition where the level of estrogen in your body is much higher than normal, especially in relation to your other hormonal levels. Though it’s not commonly acknowledged within the medical world just yet, it’s important to not only understand what it is, but how it can be caused and what you can do about it.

Much like when menopause and associated symptoms are caused due to a drop in estrogen, when it’s believed that there is too much of the hormone in one’s system, some practitioners will recognize that as Estrogen Dominance. When estrogen levels are too high, some of the more common symptoms include anxiety, breast tenderness, migraines, and digestive issues.

One thing we may not realize is how much our daily habits can impact our health, both positively and negatively. When it comes to Estrogen Dominance, there are a few things that can cause or aid in causing the hormonal imbalance:

  • Excess body fat – Fat cells store an enzyme that causes the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The more fat cells you have, the more estrogen gets created. This produces a dangerous cycle, as higher estrogen also cues your body to produce more fat cells.
  • Alcohol – Your liver’s job is to filter various toxins from your body, such as alcohol and estrogen. The more you drink, the more focused your liver becomes on removing the excess alcohol from your blood stream and estrogen is then left to build up into your system.
  • Birth control pills – Birth control pills are filled with synthetic estrogen, which can through your hormones completely off balance if you receive an improper dosage compared to what your body needs. Some birth control pills also reduce the body’s ability to produce progesterone, which is necessary to keep estrogen levels regularly balanced.

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