How to Determine if Hormone Replacement Therapy is Right for You, Pt. 2

Though some may question the safety of Hormone Replacement Therapy, we assure you that it is in fact very safe. It’s possible to replace someone’s hormones to be what they were when they were younger, but there are ways to combat the effects of aging and hormone production decreases to help you feel young and energetic once again.

Benefits of HRT for Women

As women age, their hormone production begins to decrease and they enter menopause, which can have an onslaught of unwanted symptoms. Many women can experience hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, decrease in sex drive, increase in body fat, loss muscle tone, and heart flutters during menopause, all of which are very unpleasant. Hormone Replacement Therapy will alleviate a majority of the symptoms caused by menopause allowing a woman to feel confident and more like herself in her older age.

Between menstruation and menopause, many women are plagued with the effects of hormone imbalances throughout a majority of their life. With Hormone Replacement Therapy, you’ll not only find relief in a variety of hormone related problems, but your skin, hair, and other aspects of your physical appearance will improve as well! Contact Global Life Rejuvenation today at 866-793-9933 and we’ll connect you with a physician that understands HRT for women and will provide the absolute best treatment for your needs.

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