Treating Depression Due to Low Testosterone

Millions of men experience depression each year. What depression looks like varies drastically per person. While everyone feels sad or irritable sometimes, or has trouble sleeping occasionally, these feelings and troubles usually pass after a couple of days.

Signs commonly found in men experiencing depression include fatigue, sleeping too much or too little, irritability, difficulty concentrating, indecision, anger or hostility, stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and sexual dysfunction.

While depression has a number of emotional and psychological causes, the role of hormones cannot be overlooked. Depression in men is more likely to occur when hormone levels are imbalanced, specifically hypogonadism, or low testosterone.

Testosterone is an integral component of many of the body’s functions. The emotional effect of the other symptoms of andropause including erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, hair loss, etc. can be enough to push a man into depression. However, many men do not recognize, acknowledge, or seek help for their depression. They may be reluctant to talk about how they are feeling, or the effects it plays in their daily lives.

Depression is not a normal part of aging in men or women.  Fortunately, testosterone can be replaced through hormone replacement therapy. If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression due to low testosterone, HRT company, Global Life Rejuvenation, can help you get your life back with hormone replacement therapy. For increased energy, happiness and a better sex life, contact us today.

Vitamins Packed With Age-Fighting Power

If you’re looking for that elusive fountain of youth, stop looking in the beauty aisle and start looking in the grocery aisle. While there are tons of state-of-the-art, anti-aging skin care products and treatments on the market, looking younger begins from the inside out.

As we age, we lose the ability to get enough vitamins and nutrients, or to convert them to what we need to stay healthier longer. A balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, healthy oils, good proteins, low-fat dairy, and lots of water is essential to both wellness and longevity.

Here are six vitamins and their natural food sources that you should add to your diet to battle aging:

Vitamin C – Boosts the immune systems, as well as collagen production, and helps protect skin cells from sun damage.
Where it’s found: Bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, guava, citrus fruits like pineapples, lemons, limes, oranges.

Vitamin E – Acts as a cell membrane protectant, which guards what comes in and what goes out of the skin. When combined with Vitamin C, it protects against UV damage.
Where it’s found: Wheat germ (can be added to protein shakes, oatmeal, muffins, yogurt), nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds), avocados.

Beta-carotene – Crucial for skin health. It converts to Vitamin A, which is responsible for cell repair and growth.
Where it’s found: Orange and deep green produce – carrots, pumpkins, cantaloupe, Swiss chard, spinach, kale.

Omega-3 – Healthy fats keep the skin lubricated, and helps maintain the integrity of the cell membrane, which keeps toxins out of the skin.
Where it’s found: Ground flax seeds, walnuts, fatty fish (such as wild salmon, Atlantic mackerel and sardines), edamame.

Polyphenols – Exhibit anti-cancer properties and may reduce the risk of sun-related cancers.
Where it’s found: Green tea

Selenium – Protects the skin’s quality and elasticity and protects it from the sun.
Where it’s found: Wheat germ, seafood (especially crab), eggs.

As we age, just as our bodies have trouble processing vitamins and nutrients, it too alters our hormone levels, which can affect our overall health. For a free consultation with a nutritionist, as well as to learn how hormone replacement therapy for women and men can help you, contact Global Life Rejuvenation at 866-893-9933.


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Global Life Rejuvenation is pleased to announce their acceptance into the Nation Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) verified website program. The official usage of the .pharmacy domain certifies Global Life Rejuvenation as a trustworthy place to shop for prescription medication and supplements.

It comes as no surprise that the Internet isn’t always the safest or most reliable place, but when patient health is at stake, it’s important to do everything we can to ensure consumers safety. Today, a large majority of websites selling prescription drugs online are doing so illegally, selling dangerous, unapproved, substandard, and counterfeit medicine. With a .pharmacy domain, consumers can be confident that the websites where they buy medication or obtain information are safe and legitimate.

What is .pharmacy?
The .pharmacy program verifies safe and legitimate pharmacy websites. It also develops a set of strict standards and policies with NAPB and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) to ensure online sites are legal and appropriately regulated. The goal is to protect people from potentially dangerous medications and to give you, the consumer, peace of mind when buying online.

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Benefits & Usage of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Aging is unavoidable and because of this so too is the guarantee that as we age our hormone levels will change. These changes affect both men and woman alike and can really alter our bodies negatively. Exhaustion, weight loss, thinning hair, low sex drive, and sleep troubles are all signs in our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s that the endocrine system, which is the complex set of glands that produces our hormones, is starting to change. While we can’t stop these changes from happening, we can control your body’s hormone levels, allowing you to once again feel healthy and happy.

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy, also known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, are many and have helped countless men and women ease more comfortably into the newest stages of life in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. HRT benefits include:

Improved Energy – Declining levels of hormones like progesterone, DHEA and testosterone are known to contribute to low levels of energy; experience more mental clarity, motivation, better sleep and alertness thanks to HRT for men and women.

Protects Your Bones – Defend against problems like osteoporosis or hip fractures, which can result from declining estrogen and testosterone levels.

Growing older doesn’t have to mean slowing down from your normal active lifestyle. With the guidance of Global Life Rejuvenation’s network of healthcare providers and hormone replacement therapy, you can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life well into your golden years.

What Exactly Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Many age-related health issues are the result of hormonal imbalances in the body. For example, women deal with menopause, while men experience andropause and low testosterone due to reduced levels of hormones. When the endocrine system produces excessive or reduced levels of hormones, such as testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, the fluctuation in levels can wreak havoc on your body.

Hormone replacement therapy, also commonly referred to as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, is a safe solution to hormonal imbalance that can help improve a number of conditions. Certain hormone treatments are called bioidentical or natural because the types of hormones used are chemically identical to those produced by the human body. Hormone replacement can increase or balance hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and adrenal hormones.

Though unavoidable, this decline in hormones, which peaks in healthy adults during their 20s and early 30s, begins to decline around our mid-30s to early 40s and continues to remain at lower levels for the rest of our lives. These changes can affect your physical and mental health in many ways. HRT for women and men can help control how rapidly these changes occur and help you to adapt more comfortably.

Allow Global Life Rejuvenation and our network of healthcare providers to help you transition through these natural changes more easily with the aid of hormone replacement therapy. Contact us today to learn more.

Solutions for Common Menopause Symptoms

For some, menopause symptoms are mild, require little to no medical treatment and seemingly go away on their own. However, for a good deal of women this is not the case. Menopause causes significant health and well-being issues that require medical intervention in order to function normally.

If you are of the majority that is affected by the symptoms of menopause there are many ways to deal with them, including medications and lifestyle changes.

HRT for women is an option that should be discussed with one of Global Life Rejuvenation’s network of healthcare providers, including its benefits and risks, in order to choose what is best for you. No one treatment is right for all women.

Solutions for Specific Menopause Symptoms
Trouble Falling Asleep – Establishing a regular sleep schedule and sleep routine has been shown to help women get to sleep. Other helpful tips include:
Keep bedroom light, noise, and temperature at a comfortable level – dark, quiet, and cool are   conditions that support sleep.
Avoid caffeine and alcohol late in the day.
Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex.

Night Sweats – Hot flashes that occur during sleep are referred to as night sweats. To get relief, try some of these tips:
Use layered bedding that can easily be removed during the night.
Sip cool water throughout the night.
Keep a frozen cold pack under your pillow and turn over the pillow often so that your head is always resting on a cool surface, or put a cold pack on your feet.

Mood Changes – Increased irritability, anxiety, fatigue, and sadness/depression are not uncommon in perimenopause and menopause. Relaxation and stress-reduction techniques, including deep-breathing exercises and massage, a healthy lifestyle (good nutrition and daily exercise), and enjoyable, self-nurturing activities may all be helpful to you.

Remember, you should always discuss any concerns you have with your doctor first. There may be other treatments you can try in order to alleviate your symptoms. Together, with the help from Global Life Rejuvenation’s network of healthcare providers, you can pinpoint which treatment options are best for you and start feeling like your old self again.

Managing Menopause

Menopause. It’s an uncomfortable topic that women facing middle age don’t want to talk about, let alone face. Nonetheless, it’s a normal part of life and happens to every woman, therefore, it should be a topic we’re more comfortable talking about, both with our friends as well as our doctor.

What Is Menopause?
Menopause is defined as the point in time when menstrual cycles permanently cease, marking the end of your reproductive period. The age you experience it can vary, but it typically occurs in your late 40s or early 50s.

Menopause can cause many changes in your body. The symptoms are the result of a decreased production of estrogen and progesterone in your ovaries. Symptoms may include:

Increased Body Fat
Loss of Muscle Tone
Skin Changes
Mood Changes
Urinary Incontinence
Bladder control problems
Night Sweats
Trouble Falling Asleep
Sexual Discomfort
Racing heart
Joint and muscle aches and pains
Changes in libido (sex drive)
Vaginal dryness

Treatment Options
Hormone replacement therapy for women can provide relief from the unpleasant daily symptoms of menopause, as well as the long-term health issues that many postmenopausal women face. Contact the HRT experts at Global Life Rejuvenation today to connect with one of our healthcare experts for a consultation that could change how you look, feel, and function.

Changing As We Age

As George Bernard Shaw once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” It’s a simple saying that holds a ton of truth. While the young are in the best health they will ever be in and their minds are sharp and clear, they sometimes lack the knowledge and wisdom that the old are blessed with; knowing that taking care of your body is paramount to an active life at an advanced age.

Because if there is one thing we can count on in life, it’s our body chancing as we age, with genetics and lifestyle playing a huge role in how we age. So what can we expect as our bodies age? Read on about some of the most common health changes to expect with each passing year.

Bones, Joints and Muscles: Since our bones lose density and strength with age — and often shrink — they are more prone to fractures. Muscles mass also shrinks and people get weaker; especially if they don’t exercise on a regular basis.

Skin: Skin loses elasticity with age and becomes thinner, more fragile and prone to bruising. Wrinkles and age spots appear on people at different ages, depending on genetics, exposure to the sun and overall health.

Mobility: Balance problems often occur with age as a result of bone, joint and muscle changes, in addition to nervous system changes. Hearing loss can also contribute to balance loss. All of these changes make us more prone to falling.

Immune System: Our immune system becomes weaker with age which increases our risk of infection. Getting enough sleep and physical activity helps our immune system function better.

Metabolism: Hormonal changes are a normal part of aging, with most women going through menopause in their 40s. Metabolism of sugar and carbohydrates changes can lead to diabetes, and metabolisms of fat, cholesterol, calcium and vitamin D are often altered, making supplements and diet plans necessary.

When we are young we dream of being older and when we are older we wish for our younger days. We can’t change time, but at Global Life Rejuvenation we can help reverse the effects of hormone depletion with hormone replacement therapy for women and men. Contact us today to learn more.

What Is Sermorelin Used For?

It’s no surprise that the human body changes over time, with the effects most felt as we reach an advanced age. Minor aches and pains inevitably come with the passing of time. No matter how hard we try to stay young, our bodies change and the aging process occurs. Though science has yet to discover the fountain of youth, science has created supplements that help to replenish and restore hormones that the body is no longer producing adequately.

One such supplement, sermorelin, works by promoting the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HCG) from the pituitary gland. However, unlike HGH therapy, which directly replaces declining levels of HGH, sermorelin addresses the primary cause of decreased HGH production by naturally stimulating the pituitary gland.

What is Sermorelin Used For?
Besides the obvious advantage of stimulating the pituitary gland to help with your body’s natural HCG production, there are a number of benefits to adding sermorelin to your diet.

Improves muscle mass and reduces fat
Improves bone mineral density, lowering your risk of osteoporosis
Improves muscle mass and muscle strength
Prevents joint deterioration
Improves exercise performance
Improves heart health and body composition
Regulates immune function
Improves mood and increases energy

If you’re still asking yourself, “What is sermorelin used for?” contact Global Life Rejuvenation online or call us at (866) 793-9933 for a free hormone therapy consultation and to learn more about how sermorelin can help you feel younger and maintain a healthy weight.

How to Know if HRT is Right for You

doctor with clip boardIt is not a good idea to decide you want hormone replacement therapy without the proper testing from a qualified medical doctor. While your age and symptoms may be signaling that you are a good candidate for HRT, it is imperative for you to seek a comprehensive examination.

There is no one-size-fits-all rule to determine who benefits from HRT. Women’s hormone fluctuations vary as greatly as their personalities or shoe sizes. That’s why it is highly recommended you schedule an HRT consultation with Global Life Rejuvenation, to help you discover a safe way to assuage and eliminate age or menopause-related symptoms.

Once you have been tested for hormone deficiencies and imbalances, you and your physician can discuss your need for HRT. In addition, it has been proven that HRT can help reduce the risk of all of the following:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer

Contact Global Life Rejuvenation for an HRT consultation with a doctor that specializes in treating hormonal imbalances. Reach out for help improving your overall well-being. You don’t need to live with symptoms that negatively impact your quality of life.  There is help available to get you back on track to live a life filled with wellness and balance.