NJ Hormone Replacement Therapy

Benefits of HRT for Men & Women

As we age, our bodies’ production of testosterone, estrogen and other essential hormones decline. The resulting hormone imbalances lead to symptoms ranging from mildly uncomfortable to distressing, and these changes can drastically impact quality of life.

Causes & Symptoms of Declining Estrogen & Testosterone Levels

Estrogen is produced in a woman’s ovaries, while men synthesize estrogen during a process that changes testosterone to estradiol. In mid- to late life and as menopause occurs, estrogen production decreases for men and women. For women who have undergone hysterectomies (removal of the uterus and ovaries), estrogen production halts altogether. In some cases, younger men with low testosterone also have lower-than-normal estrogen levels. Too little estrogen puts individuals at risk for fatigue, sexual dysfunction, bone loss, increased body fat, water retention and other symptoms.

Testosterone, the “androgynous” hormone, is produced by the testes in men and the ovaries in women. Male testosterone levels diminish with age and may also become low earlier in life when pituitary gland disorders, HIV, liver or kidney disease, genetic conditions, trauma or steroid use are present. Though women have naturally lower testosterone levels than men, they can also be diagnosed with too-little testosterone. This typically happens during menopause or as a result of pituitary or adrenal conditions. Low testosterone in men or women can lead to fatigue, decreased muscle mass, hair loss, low sex drive and other frustrating symptoms.

Benefits of HRT for Women & Men

As you enter menopause, your hormone-replacement practitioner may recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to restore hormone balance and minimize the effects of low testosterone or estrogen. Global Rejuvenation does not recommend HRT in large quantities to restore younger hormone levels; instead, we recommend small amounts designed to alleviate reported symptoms and restore well-being.*

Our team has has over 13 years’ experience treating people as they enter male or female menopause and face unpleasant symptoms like gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, night sweats, endometriosis, chronic fatigue or hot flashes.

Request a Customized NJ HRT Consultation

The first step to learning whether natural hormone replacement in New Jersey is right for you is to schedule your no-obligation consultation. As your anti-aging concierge, Global Rejuvenation recommends individual HRT treatment plans complete with nutritional and supplement recommendations. Trust us to connect you with qualified physicians in your area so you can begin to slow the aging process, reduce hormone-related depression and sustain a youthful appearance for years to come.* Call now: 866.793.9933.
*HRT results vary by individual. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Weight Loss

Using Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, for weight loss can have a tremendously positive impact on the amount you can slim down, and your ability to keep the weight off for good. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we help you achieve natural weight loss through HRT by balancing testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, HGH, and thyroid hormones.

Using hormone therapy can be the best first step in treating weight gain associated with andropause, which is a collection of symptoms including fatigue and a decrease in libido. This is often experienced by middle-aged men, and attributed to a gradual decline in testosterone levels. As part of a comprehensive weight loss program, we provide a tailored nutrition plan, vitamins for weight loss, and an exercise routine to keep you on track.


Weight Loss with HRT for Men
High cortisol levels—in conjunction with low testosterone levels—can trigger an increase in body fat, especially around the midsection. Excess body fat can actually cause testosterone to convert into estrogen at a higher-than-normal rate, resulting in an even greater imbalance in hormone levels.

Weight gain as a result of andropause may be more severe when stress levels are high – while extended periods of stress elevate cortisol levels. This reaction puts your body in a sort of “survival mode,” causing the generation of fat cells as a mechanism to store calories and energy. High levels of cortisol also increase appetite as an unconscious strategy to increase fat tissue. Weight gain during andropause is often a natural consequence of a cortisol imbalance.

When those cortisol levels are too high, the body’s testosterone is depleted. When men go through andropause, testosterone levels are already declining. Low testosterone is also a known contributor of fatigue, which may translate to reduced physical activity, and act as another contributor to weight gain in men.


Weight Loss with HRT for Women

As we age, changes occur that decrease and create an imbalance of essential hormones. That can include weight gain, and it often happens around the time of menopause (if not earlier). Hormone fluctuations during menopause directly impact appetite, how a woman’s body stores fat, and metabolic rate.

Decreased production of estrogen during this phase causes the body to look for other estrogen sources. One of these alternative sources of estrogen is fat, so the body increases the production of fat cells in order to increase its estrogen resources with the end result being weight gain. It’s an unfortunate side effect of this natural process.

One of the most effective treatments to combat menopausal weight gain and help women lose weight is our hormone therapy plan. While nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are all important to maintaining proper weight, it becomes much more difficult when hormones are unbalanced.

What Can You Do?
Our hormone therapy is the perfect way to jump-start your journey to weight loss by supplementing the hormones you lack and balancing those you have. Our treatments are holistic, and we craft customized programs that help you eat properly, exercise effectively, and maintain a healthy way of life. By combining fitness, nutrition, and hormone replacement therapy, weight loss will come much more naturally.

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to schedule your free consultation and start losing weight naturally!


Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is the inability to consistently initiate or keep an erection long enough to have sex or other sexual activity. All men occasionally have problems with their erections, but if ED occurs on a regular basis, which is more common in men over the age of 65, medical treatment in the form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may help you.


After the age of 30, testosterone levels in men start to decline. When low testosterone levels begin to affect a man’s health, this is referred to as andropause or male menopause. Hormone imbalances associated with andropause have been proven to cause erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone also reduces sex drive, which is another factor that can affect a man’s ability to achieve an erection.


If low levels of male hormones are the cause of your erectile dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective method of treatment.  Our medical treatments for erectile dysfunction include a combination of HRT for men, a nutrition plan, diet supplements, and fitness programs in order to restore proper hormone balance as well as your sex life. Contact us to meet a physician and get started today.

Boost Your Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH) is an important hormone produced by your pituitary gland that plays a crucial role in growth, body composition, cell repair, and metabolism. Beginning in childhood, growth hormones fuel physical growth. In adulthood, HGH plays a critical role in tissue healing, muscle growth, bone strength, brain function, physical and mental health, energy, and metabolism.

Levels of growth hormone begin to decline around the age of 21. They then continue to drop each decade substantially afterward and are almost entirely exhausted by the time you are 80 years old.
This drop in HGH levels can negatively impact your quality of life, increase your risk of disease, and contribute to weight gain.

We’ve compiled a list of the benefits of HGH treatments for adults:
Increased muscle strength
Enhanced weight loss
Stronger bones
Reduced cardiovascular disease risk
Improved erectile dysfunction
Decreased obesity
Improved mood and cognitive function
Better sleep

If you’re experiencing symptoms of human growth hormone deficiency including depression, fatigue, decreased muscle strength and mass, insulin resistance, hair loss, cardiovascular disease risk, or memory loss Global Life Rejuvenation can help. Contact us at (866) 793-9933 to learn more about how human growth hormone therapy can help improve your general well-being and increase your quality of life.

Three Benefits of Using HGH

What is Human Growth Hormone?
Human growth hormone—or HGH—is one of the most important hormones in the human body. Also known as somatotropin or growth hormone, HGH plays a critical role in tissue healing, muscle growth, bone strength, brain function, physical and mental health, energy, and metabolism.

Physicians refer to these hormones as “chemical messengers” that stimulate specific activities and metabolic processes. As the body naturally ages, a shortage of HGH can accelerate the process—as early as age 21—and completely deplete by your 80th birthday.

As growth hormone is essential to reach our full mental and physical potential, it’s easy to see why a deficiency could be so devastating.

What is Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency?
Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) is a condition characterized by a lack of isolated stimulation within the pituitary gland. When this happens, there is an insufficient amount of growth hormone produced. Adult growth hormone deficiency may occur for various reasons, which can include age, pituitary gland issues, congenital deficiency, or Panhypopituitarism (inadequate or missing pituitary hormones).

Knowing that you’re suffering from a growth hormone deficiency is the first step in creating a plan of attack. Symptoms can be physical and psychological. If you’ve experienced decreased sexual desire, sadness or depression, fatigue, sleep problems, weight gain, muscle weakness, nervousness or anxiety, or feelings of hopelessness, you might be experiencing AGHD. Very few people with AGHD experience all of these symptoms together, but do suffer from several of them concurrently.

So, What Can You Do?
This can feel defeating, but there’s good news: AGHD is treatable with HGH therapy. Patients who engage in growth hormone replacement therapy tend to see great results within six months and even greater results as treatment continues.

Here are three benefits of using Human Growth Hormone!
Aside from restoring your hormone balance and treating these symptoms, using HGH is beneficial on many levels. Here are three advantages:

1. Improves memory retention and cognitive functions
Human Growth Hormone is vital for our mental and cognitive development. As we age, and until we hit puberty, our bodies produce the largest amount of HGH. By using HGH therapy, we can focus on improving our memory and understanding.
2. Helps make skin look younger, tighter, and thicker
Through using HGH therapy, skin elasticity is improved by improving body-fat ratio
3. Improves sleep
Lack of sleep alters normal pituitary function, which affects growth hormone release over time. By using therapy, we can normalize those once-interrupted sleep schedules and get your body back on track.

Talk to Us About HGH Therapy
At Global Life Rejuvenation, we’re committed to the health of our patients. As part of our holistic approach to restoring hormonal health, we analyze and consider each contributing factor to your symptoms. Our human growth hormone programs are designed to treat patients over the age of 35 who present with symptoms of adult growth hormone deficiency (or AGHD).

If you suspect you might have adult growth hormone deficiency, we encourage you to contact Global Life Rejuvenation online or call us at (866) 793-9933 to learn more about how human growth hormone therapy can help improve your general well-being and increase your quality of life.

Global Life Rejuvenation – Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone



Testosterone is a hormone well-known as a driver of manliness, but its existence in the body does more than put hair on your chest. In men, testosterone increases muscle growth, deepens the voice, and—yes—causes hair growth on various parts of the body. But appropriate testosterone production has health benefits that last long into adulthood.


Men who are experiencing decreased testosterone may see health declines, while keeping testosterone levels up will decrease disease risk, aid in fit body composition, help foster sexual function, and aids in muscle gains and overall vitality. That’s why increasing testosterone naturally can be a great way to get back your energy and drive.


Here are seven ways to boost your testosterone naturally!


Lift weights and exercise

Especially important for seniors, exercise helps increase testosterone, improve reaction time, balance, mobility, and strength. Overall fitness and improving muscle mass will help many types of men with low testosterone, however.


Check your diet and find nutritional balance

Overeating or persistent dieting can interfere with testosterone production. It’s important to make sure you’re getting recommended amounts of macronutrients to maintain testosterone levels. Also, balanced nutrition will help keep weight down, promote muscle growth and repair, hydration, and maintain other organ groups while reducing disease risk.


Find balance to reduce stress

Stress increases production of hormones like cortisol that interfere with testosterone production in the body. If stress is interrupting your life and affecting your health, make sure to talk to us about ways to reduce stress and improve your health.


Check into supplements

Some supplements like D-Aspartic, Vitamin D, and Tribulus (or tribulus terrestris) have been shown to improve testosterone levels. There are many other options that we can advise you about if you are experiencing low testosterone and want to learn about supplements to naturally enhance your health and vitality.


Improve your sleep hygiene

More and more people are realizing that poor sleep isn’t just something that makes you grouchy. Not getting enough quality, restorative sleep can interfere with hormone levels and have many negatives effects on your health. Make sure you have good sleep hygiene by unplugging from devices at least an hour or two before bed, creating a calm sleep environment, and sticking to habits like going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day. Exercise will also help with getting a deep sleep!


Live a healthy lifestyle

Other lifestyle choices like drinking excessive alcohol as well as exposure to certain chemicals like BPA and parabens can also interfere with testosterone production. Getting a balanced diet, adequate exercise, lowering stress, and finding balance will all help contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle that won’t deal a blow to your testosterone levels.


Talk to us about hormone replacement therapy

If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, we can help. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we want you to achieve the youth and vitality to make you feel your best.

Contact us at 866.793.9933 for a hormone replacement consultation or email today to meet a physician and get started!

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT, is a type of treatment where a person is given hormones to help balance them to normal levels when something is causing insufficiency in their body. By replacing the natural hormones that are not reaching appropriate levels, people can experience improved health.


HRT is a broad term for the treatment of many different causes of hormone imbalances. Hormone therapy may be used for women after menopause or following a hysterectomy to replace hormones like estrogen and progesterone, or can be used if someone has pituitary or thyroid glands that are not producing enough of the hormones that regulate systems in the body.


People may also experience deficiencies from hormones like adult growth hormone. Adult growth hormone production can decrease over time due to age, starting to lessen after about age 21. Adult growth hormone deficiency may occur for various reasons, such as age, pituitary gland issues, congenital deficiency, or Panhypopituitarism, and can cause symptom including depression or anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, decreased sexual desire, weight gain, muscle weakness, or feelings of hopelessness. Deficiency can be treatable with human growth hormone therapy and many people experience great results in as little as six months of treatment.


Hormone Therapy for Men

Some hormone therapy is specific to men and women. In men, it’s normal for testosterone production to decline with age. This profoundly affects many different types of body tissues and organ systems. A decrease in testosterone alone can also lead to a disruption of other hormones, which create their own side effects. For example, men with hormone imbalance may experience low sex drive, depression, fatigue, irritability, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, weight gain, urinary problems, and more. Thankfully, hormone replacement therapy can often reduce or eliminate these systems and combat andropause, also called male menopause.


Hormone Therapy for Women

Women experience hormone imbalances differently. Production of estrogen declines in the ovaries as women experience menopause, and estrogen production drops drastically following a hysterectomy. Hormonal imbalances cause symptoms including hot flashes, endometriosis, fibroids, chronic fatigue, depression, low sex drive, mood swings, loss of muscle mass, and more. Estrogen replacement therapy is the medical administration of estrogen to return the body to normal levels when it is not being produced in sufficient quantity.


Why choose hormone therapy?

Many people wrongly believe that they have to live with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance because it’s a “normal” part of aging. We believe that people can feel better and experience improved health with natural hormone replacement.


If You Suspect a Hormone Imbalance

If you are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, it’s important to seek medical assessment. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we want to help you achieve the youth and vitality to make you feel your best. Our goal is to connect you with qualified physician specialists in your area. Your physician can work with our individual hormone replacement therapy treatment plans to oversee your treatment with supplements and nutrition guidance. Our patients have experienced reduced and eliminated perimenopause and some menopausal symptoms, decreased menopause depression, naturally lost weight, and many report developing more youthful appearance.


Contact us at 866.793.9933 for a hormone replacement consultation or email today to meet a physician and get started!

Secrets to Youthfulness

You may be aging, but you’re doing so gracefully and kicking butt while you’re at it. No longer are 50 or 60 old. Heck no! Sixty might as well be the new 40 as far as we’re concerned. They say you’re only as old as you feel and you’re living proof. Today’s “aging” population are working longer, exercising more, eating better, and staying sexually active long past their parent’s and grandparent’s ages.

If being fit – mentally and physically – is important to you, here are some tried and true tips to help you stay at the top of your game now and in the future.

Get More Sleep – Yes, this may sound the opposite of staying active, but in order to keep that active lifestyle your body needs the rest. Sleep is healing and repairing. Day-to-day sleep deprivation promotes degeneration, as well as a body that’s prone to getting sick.

Get Outdoors – We work in an office building, we work out in a gym – when are we getting out and breathing fresh air? Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine. Airborne toxins are one cause of health problems, including accelerated aging.

Move More – Surely you’re already staying fit with exercise, but it’s important to remember that higher amounts of moderate exercise is better than infrequent high-intensity bursts, which put stress on your body. Keep moving, but don’t overdo it.

Hydrate – No one is expecting you to give up your daily glass of wine, but be sure you’re also drinking plenty of water.  Dehydrated cells promote wrinkles.

Even when we rest, eat right and exercise regularly our bodies, or more specifically our hormones, can fluctuate and change as we age. When the day comes that you’re gaining weight, losing your sex drive or are frequently overtired it’s time to consider hormone replacement therapy with an HRT consultation from Global Life Rejuvenation.


Foods to Keep You Young

Your mama always told you to eat your fruits and veggies, and for good reason. As an adult they help us to stay youthful and energetic. The downside? Eating healthy always looks easier than it is. I mean, who passes up a pizza for a salad? However, if you’re looking to tamper weight gain and increase your energy it’s important to eat your greens; and it’s actually easier to incorporate into your diet than you think. Add these superfoods to your diet to help fight off aging.

Brain booster: Blueberries
Blueberries’ high flavonoid content has been found to help short- and long-term memory. Add a handful to a bowl of oatmeal or cereal to start your day.

Skin saver: Grapes
The skin of red grapes contains resveratrol, an anti-inflammatory that helps keep your skin looking good. You can also get the same benefits from a glass of red wine.

Cholesterol conqueror: Flaxseeds
Flaxseeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help decrease inflammation and fight plaque buildup.

Pre-workout fuel: oats
We digest these carbs slowly, which means that our energy stays high long after we eat them, giving us a significant performance advantage.

Pain-reliever: ginger
If aches and pains are getting you down more than they used to, add ginger to your diet.

Muscle magnifier: spinach
Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, and has also been shown to help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

Unfortunately, no super food can control the changing hormones in the body as you age.  HRT for women and men provides relief from the distressing symptoms of hormone imbalance, and can also help gain protection from age-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Contact Global Life Rejuvenation today to learn more about hormone replacement therapy.

Boost Your Sex Drive with HRT

Are you accustomed to an active sex life but find that your sex drive is less then what it normally is? Or, are you having trouble keeping an erection? Many men between the ages of 40-55 experience low libido or erectile dysfunction in part because of low testosterone levels.

Sex drive in men starts with the release of testosterone which stimulates the receptors in the brain to release nitric oxide. Nitric oxide in turn allows blood flow for an erection. Low testosterone levels common in andropause result in reduced levels of the hormones, which stimulate the nerves in the brain and induce sexual desire and erectile function. The same decreased testosterone which reduces libido or sex drive also affects the ability to develop and sustain an erection. In some cases, the sexual desire is there but men are incapable of an erection.

Low sex drive can be frustrating for both you and your partner; however, it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatment is available to alleviate low libido symptoms.

Coupled with a nutrition and fitness plan, hormone replacement therapy for men is proven to be highly effective in treating low sex drive. Contact us to today to speak with one of Global Life Rejuvenation’s network of physicians and get started. Don’t settle for low t, low sex drive or erectile dysfunction, as it’s likely that balancing hormones to normal levels could resolve your issues.