What Are Biomarkers and How Can They Be Used in Anti-Aging Therapy?

blood in syringeBiomarkers are a measurable indicator within the human body that allows doctors to determine a variety of biological states or conditions. These biological markers are characteristics that are measured and evaluated to determine the indication of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacological responses. The ideal biomarker would be easy to measure, modifiable with treatment, and consistent across gender and ethnic groups. These biological indicators are often used to assess the health or state of a disease in an individual, ranging from blood pressure to cancer detection.

One study finds that these biomarkers may help us gain an upper hand in anti-aging therapy as well. By evaluating the biomarkers in our blood, we can determine how well someone will age along with the potential risk factor they have for age-related diseases and ailments. The biological signatures from an individual can help predict whether a person will age well, develop heart disease, cancer, or have a stroke at some point in their life.

Though more research still needs to be done, biomarkers may play a huge role in the future of anti-aging therapy. If you’re experiencing the unwanted effects of aging, contact Global Life Rejuvenation today at 866-793-9933 to set up a consultation with one of our specialists.

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